United Kingdom Department for International Trade 


The  Department for International Trade provides trade and investment services and  practical support. We help UK companies succeed in the USA, and US companies  set up and invest in the UK. 

We offer  expertise and contacts through our extensive network of specialists in the UK,  and staff in the British Embassy in Washington, and the British Consulates  General in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and  San Francisco.

Rob McNeill, Head of Trade & Investment, British Consulate-General Chicago

Rob McNeill is Head of Trade & Investment at the British Consulate-General in Chicago. Leading the UK's Department of International Trade team in the Midwest of the US, he is responsible for managing 16 staff assisting US companies expanding their presence in the UK, and UK companies developing successful export strategies for the US market.

Rob assumed his current role in 2014, having previously worked as both Trade & Investment Officer and Business Development Associate at the British Consulate-General in Chicago. In these roles he assisted companies in the technology and creative sectors seeking to grow their business internationally. He has worked for the British government in Chicago since 2002.

Prior to joining the British Consulate-General in Chicago, Rob worked for a Manchester based wholesaler developing their European exports, and for ‘Cleveland Today’ promoting the city of Cleveland, OH in a series of marketing initiatives aimed at attracting corporate relocations and business visitors to the city.

Rob has a BSc (Hons) degree in Economic Geography from the University of Glasgow and has studied at Miami University in Ohio.

Rob and his wife Niki live in the Chicago suburbs with their four young children. Rob doesn’t have any free time but if he did he’d spend it travelling, snowboarding, or enjoying a beer while watching a game of football. 


 Midwest, Kentucky and Colorado - USA - (14 states)



 Department for International Trade 

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Rob McNeill, Head of Trade & Investment


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Claudia Anderson, Trade & Investment  Associate

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Kate Anderson, Trade & Investment   Officer, Consumer Goods

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Sam Hollis, Trade & Investment Officer,  Energy & Environment

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Betcy Mathew, Trade & Investment Manager, Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing

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Isobel O’Brien, Trade & Investment  Officer, Technology & Creative Industries


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Charlie Shields, Trade & Investment  Officer, Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing

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Vikram Singh, Trade & Investment Associate,   Life Sciences

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