Cabo Verde



Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cabo Verde  in Naperville, IL

The Honorary Consulate for the Republic of Cabo Verde to the  State of IL currently focuses on promoting trade and investment to the country  from the Midwest region. 

Harriet Lewis, PhD 

Honorary Consul 

Dr. Harriet Lewis is the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Cabo Verde to the State of Illinois. She has worked in community and economic development for over 25 years conducting market research and trade promotion services; specifically, business retention and expansion studies, visitor profile studies, exporting workshops, export market studies, and trade mission support. In addition, she has been the executive of several NGOs, including the Holly Hill Chamber of Commerce in Holly Hill, Florida, United States. 


Currently the State of IL. May expand to other states in the near future. 


Harriet Lewis and 

312.453.9390 and 781.405.3634 (cell)