Costa RiCA


 Consulate General of Costa Rica in Chicago

The consulate's commercial mission is to promote an increase of economic development in Costa Rica through the expansion of investment, trade and tourism relationships. 

Costa Rica has set an ambitious goal to become carbon neutral and is taking serious efforts to be the world's first country to decarbonize its economy by using only renewable sources. This is a huge step and example to the world that will allow not only economic growth but also social development while protecting the environment.

Having this mindset, Costa Rica believes in a sustainable economic model to attract more businesses and investors to its economy. As a result, the country is the number one IT-related exporter of Latin America, has operations from 1 out of 5 top 100 Fortune´s companies in the world, and receives more than 2 million visitors every year, to mention some examples.

Furthermore, the Consulate General of Costa Rica in Chicago welcomes the business community in the Midwest to be a commercial partner with Costa Rica. 


Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, and Wisconsin





Consulado General de Costa Rica

Chicago, Illinois

Estados Unidos de América