Niedersachsen , Germany


Federal State of Niedersachsen, Germany

Dr. Andreas Eckstein is the Managing Director of Invest in Niedersachsen and has executive experience in intra-industry trade in Automotive, Manufacturing and FinTech Industries. He earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Goettingen (Germany) about “Intra-industry trade between Germany and the U.S”.

Dr. Eckstein helps businesses to develop and execute internationalization plans. He has immense experience in finding innovative products and services and using them as a first-mover advantage for international markets.

Dr. Eckstein has gained diverse international innovation prices, published several articles in magazines about innovation, start-ups and trade and advises a number of start-ups and nonprofit organizations. 


USA, Canada

The best preconditions for successful foreign business are specific market information and the right contacts on the ground. The State of Niedersachsen supports companies, especially SMEs and has an office in Chicago which covers the whole United States and Canada. 

Niedersachen’s trade presence has comprehensive sector-specific information and is ready to help as your first and best local contact. They provide:

·  Business advice

·  Information about partners in the target country

·  Assistance in business partner search

·  Trade and investment support


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Dr. Andreas Eckstein

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