Australian Trade and Investment Commission  – (Austrade) – is the  Australian Government’s trade and investment development agency. 

Austrade  has a network of offices in over 50 countries and assists Australian  businesses to succeed in trade and investment internationally. The  agency also attracts productive foreign direct  investment into Australia and promotes Australia’s education sector.



 Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio 

Chris Knepler is the Investment Commissioner at the Chicago office.  

He  manages Midwest operations for the Australian Trade Commission and  works to deepen and broaden Australia-U.S. economic relationships in the  region.  Priority sectors include agribusiness and  food, advanced manufacturing, professional services, economic  infrastructure, resources technology and education.

Chris  joined Austrade New York in 2003 and has since worked on a variety of  strategic projects in the United States, Australia and Brazil.  These  include leading the Latin American Technology  Team from Sao Paulo and the Australia-U.S. Free Trade Agreement  (AUSFTA) implementation team in Sydney.

Chris  has a decade of marketing, strategy and international business  development experience in the telecommunications industry, including  with Motorola, Ameritech and Deutsche Telecom. He has  also been on the management team of two New York City-based,  venture-backed technology start-ups.  Chris has lived and worked in  Hungary, France, Indonesia, Australia and Brazil.

Chris holds a Master of Business Administration (Management of Technology) from the University of California at Berkeley. 


Chris Knepler,  Investment Commissioner 

1 (312) 374 9401