Wallonia Trade  & Investment Office is the government agency of the Wallonia Region of  Belgium in charge of foreign trade promotion and foreign investment  attraction. As an Export Agency, Awex assists buyers and decision-makers by  supplying information on Wallonia's products and services. Awex also  facilitates connections between foreign and Wallonia entities. 

As an Investment  Agency, Awex partners with foreign companies seeking to establish or expand  their activities in Europe.


Gilles Philippart de Foy, Trade Commissioner

Gilles has been in charge of the Wallonia Trade & Investment Office in Chicago since November, 2012. Prior to this posting, he held various positions for private companies in Belgium, with a strong focus on Business Development and International Trade. 

Gilles holds an Engineering Management Degree from HEC, the Business School of the University of Liège, Belgium. He lives in Chicago with his wife and their 2 sons.



MIDWEST, USA - (11 states)



Wallonia Trade & Investment Office

333 N  Michigan Avenue Ste 905

Chicago IL 60601 

Gilles Philippart de Foy, Trade Commissioner